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Creating delicious memories

Baking is an art but more importantly, it is a love.  I enjoy baking in general, but seeing the smiles after each dessert I bake is the real reward. The slow process of measuring, sifting, and stirring; waiting as the dough rises in the oven and as the room becomes saturated with the scents of butter and flour and chocolate; pulling the pans out of the oven and finding the dough transformed into something golden and perfect. And, OK, fine, also the part where I stuff my face with warm gooey cookies. That part admittedly isn’t terrible. Here are some of the custom desserts:

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The Chatty Cookie’s specials baked fresh every morning

A smile in every bite – that’s a cookie worth remembering. The idea of The Chatty Cookie was started from selling cookies as a teacher to the parents at my school and church for small events and birthday parties. After receiving rave reviews but with slight hesitation, I decided to step out and spread my love. Everyday I receieve the opportunity to live out this dream of mine and I love every step of the process.


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Baking with love since 2018

Custom cookies at unbeatable prices

Is there anything better than having a house that smells like baking chocolate chip cookies? Some of the best memories come with cookies. Baking can feel a bit like putting together something magical. And when you think about it, that’s exactly what it is, a magical experience. We guarantee quality with each cookie.

For bakers, baking is more than a simple means to an end—it’s a way of life.

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Fresh & Tasty Bakery every day

We bake wonderful cookies and tasty pastries for your family, catered to your preference.

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Fresh & Tasty Bakery every day

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